HIDA Experience Japan Program 2017

  1. Objectives


    HIDA provides an opportunity for young people to join HIDA Experience Japan Program.
    This 5 days program is a price-worthy packaged program. The program provides not only the basic knowledge of Japanese culture, but also a precious experience by visiting Japanese companies, University, Industrial Museum, and participating in Mt. Fuji Tour etc.

    Experiencing this program will be a good opportunity for the future global leaders in your own country to get a feel for Japanese business practices. Being a part of a program that offers a unique experience will be beneficial for young participants' personal and future career development in the global business circumstances. It would be a precious experience for your children

    Experience Japan 2016 1 Experience Japan 2016 2 Experience Japan 2016 3 Experience Japan 2016 4

  2. Program Period

    12th June (Mon.) - 16th June (Fri.), 2017
    Note. 11th June (Sun.) <Arrival in Japan> - 17th June (Sat.) <Departures>
    * You can also extend your stay for sightseeing purposes by yourself.

  3. Venues (Training and Accommodation)

    HIDA TKC HIDA Tokyo Kenshu Center/Other Facilities in Tokyo Area (Lectures & Accommodation)

  4. Number of participants

    20-30 young persons from multiple countries
    * Target of age for this program: Between 15 and 25 years of age
    * Parental accompaniment are arranged for lower fee

  5. Program Language

    English (Translator will accompany the participants)

  6. Tentative Schedule <subject to minor changes>

    11-JunSunCheck in TKC
    112-JunMonOrientationJapanese Lesson
    (greeting, self-introduction)
    Evening: Welcome Party @ TKC
    213-JunTueCalligraphy ExperienceCompany Visit (Ezaki Glico Co., Ltd)
    City Tour (Asakusa)
    314-JunWed1day Bus Tour (Mt. Fuji Tour)TKC***
    415-JunThuVisit to Japanese university
    (Shibaura Institute of Technology)
    Visit Industrial Museum
    (Toshiba Science Museum)
    516-JunFriLecture: Japanese lifestyle and culture or Japanese Business MannerYukata / Kimono / Bon Dancing Experience
    The Ending Ceremony / Farewell Party
    17-JunSatCheck Out*

  7. Participation Fee

    Participant198,000 JPY
    Accompanying Person (Parents)100,000 JPY

    The participation fee covers:
    • 1) Accommodation at HIDA Tokyo Kenshu Center or other facilities designated by HIDA.(Check-in: 11 June / Check-out: 17 June)
    • 2) Number of meals specified*
    • 3) Lecture handouts
    • 4) Interpreter (1 person throghout the lectures and visits)
    • 5) Domestic transportation fee for the program
    • 6) Travel insurance premiums during the program
    • 7) One day bus tour
    • 8) Chartered bus between accommodation and Narita International Airport**

    • - NOT including any costs of international travel between your country and Japan.
    • - *For meals provided in the program, see "Meals" marked with asterisks (*) in the table "6.Tentative Schedule"
    • - **See "7. International Travel Expenses (Airfare)" in 1-2 Notes for Participants in HIDA Japan Experience Program 2017 from the link below for the details of the chartered bus.

  8. Procedures from Application to Implementation

    • 1) A person who considers participation in the program will submit an application to your local Alumni Society.If you don't know the contact information of your local Alumni Society, please contact HIDA Research Institute.
    • 2) Participants make payment to your local Alumni Society.
    • 3) HIDA will send an invitation letter through your local Alumni Society Association.

      Please submit the following documents (original) to Alumni of your local Alumni Society.
      • (1) Application Form (Attachment 1-3)
      • (2) Medical Check Sheet (Attachment 1-4)
      • (3) Overseas Travel Insurance Procedure and Consent Form (Attachment 1-5)
      • (4) About the Handling of Personal Information Concerning Participants (Attachment 1-6)
      • (5) Parent's Consent Letter (Attachment 1-7)
      • (6) Photocopy of passport, an election card, a driver's license or any other identification document issued by a public organization in the applicant's country containing, in Roman letters, the applicant's name in full, a photo of the applicant and his/her date of birth
      • (7) 1 copy of a photo (PDF or JPEG File)

  9. Closing Date of Application for Participation

    25th May (Thu.), 2017

    Note. If we receive less than 15 applications, we may cancel the program.
    Shortly after the deadline (25 May, 2017), you will hear whether or not the program will be organized.

  10. Cancellation policy

    Applicant who cancels application will be charged for a cancellation fee which the amount is set as below.

    • Before or by 25th May
    : 0% of participation fee
    • 26th May - 4th June
    : 50% of participation fee
    • On 5th June and after
    : 100% of participation fee

  11. Contact to HIDA Research Institute

    Business Promotion Group, HIDA Research Institute
    The Overseas Human Resources and Industry Development Association [HIDA]
    Address: 30-1, Senju-azuma 1-chome, Adachi-ku, Tokyo 120-8534, Japan
    Inquiry form:
    Phone: 81-3-3888-8215,Fax: 81-3-3888-8242

Please download the application document